Advantages of non-flammeable steam equaliser membranes Izolteks NG 200

Izolteks NG 200 has excellent technical characteristics. Due to the carefully selected impregnation composition used in production, the Izoltex NG 200 membrane does not pass moisture, protects the insulation from the wind, and also, due to the diffusion properties, removes steam from the insulation.

On installation scheme:

  1. Composite material
  2. Non-flammable membrane «Izolteks NG 200» 
  3. Dowel disc
  4. Wall Bracket
  5. Insulation
  6. The outer wall

Application of Izolteks NG 200:

  • Eliminates the risks associated with damage and destruction of buildings and constructions by fire from an accidental source of ignition, not only during construction work, but also during the exploitation of walls by hinged facades with any kind of facings.
  • Reduces the threat to people's lives
  • It is not required to install firebreaks, which reduces overall costs and increases the quality of ventilation in the hinged facades.

Non-flammeable steam equaliser membranes Izolteks NG 200

  • Completely airtight.
  • Does not block the removal of water vapor.
  • Has a high degree of watertightness.
  • Has high durability
  • Resistant to long-term UV exposure: 50 years with outer facing, 10 years without outer facing
  • Flammability group A2

With the proper design and equipment, the system entirely consists of non-flammable materials and forms a fire safety class A2, which allows to fully implement the requirements for construction heat engineering and fire safety regulations.


  1. Mounting brackets for mounting the hinged facade.
  2. The plates of the insulation are fixed with a minimum number of dowels (1 - 2 per plate).
  3. Izolteks NG 200 is rolled out with stretch (without a gap) vertically or horizontally?? along the surface of the insulation. Holes are cut out in the exit points of the brackets in the building membrane. The membrane can be mounted either side to the insulation.
  4. Izolteks NG 200 is permanently fixed with the required number of dowels to the wall. The number of dowels recommended for fixing the building membrane Izolteks is at least 4 per 1 m2. The minimum distance of the dowel from the edge of the membrane sheet is not less than 70 mm. The overlap of membrane sheets is 150 - 200 mm.

For better fixing, it is recommended to position the dowels in the points of sheets overlapping. Gluing with adhesive tapes on a butyl-rubber base or with similar tapes is not allowed in places of brackets exit and overlapping of sheets. In the case of membrane sheet tearing, it is recommended to use dowels.

If the membrane is not stretched, acoustic claps are possible. In the places of bordering with windows and doors it is recommended to use dowels. Membrane Izolteks NG 200 should cover the entire surface of the insulation, including the ends. For this purpose the building membrane must be bend tuck under the insulation.