Izolteks NG 200

  fire resistant and steam equaliser membranes

is the first and only membrane in the sector, allowing the insulated (enveloped)

wall to breathe.

           It is certified Euroclass A2 approved by the European Commission.








     During the fire,

   *   Does not flame

   *   Does not melt

   *   Does not drop

   *   Does not smog






  *   It does not release toxic gas even at the highest temperatures.

  *    Reduces the threat to people's lives.

  *    Eliminates the risks associated with damage and destruction of buildings and constructions by fire from an accidental source of ignition, not only during construction work, but also during the exploitation of walls by hinged facades with any kind of facings.

  *    Thermal value less than 3

Heat released from İzolteks NG 200 at high temperatures, it is 100 times lower than its counterparts:

NG 200, preventing stone wool, whose structure can deteriorate over time, from being affected by outdoor weather conditions;

  • As an anti-wind, it increases the thermal insulation power of stone wool up to four times.

  • Extends the life of insulation material,

  • Maintains thermal insulation quality.

  • It is known that the building suffered heat loss at a rate exceeding 40% from the wall. Reduces the heat loss of the wall.

  • Energy savings of houses that do not use membranes are constantly reduced.

  • Stone wool, which is not used in the membrane, deteriorates for very short periods of time.


NG 200 lifetime: 


  • When exposed to direct UV rays is at least 100 years, while the materials based on organic polymers that are recommended for use for such purposes, have the same index of not more than 1 year.


Some of the footage took place in the media of the Taksim First Aid Hospital which burst into flames on the outer walls due to the flammable material used during enveloping the building's facade and caused the whole building to turn into a fire- ball.

The cause of the fire in the news footage is the flammable material used to protect the insulation material.
thanks to its non-combustable, non-flammable and flame arresting features of Izolteks NG200  the buildings used the Izolteks NG200 are protected from fires that may cause disastrous results, as seen in the video.