FIRE RESISTANT / NON- INFLAMMABLE MEMBRANES  İZOLTEKS NG 200 as part of hinged ventilated facades.




Building membranes are an important element of thermal protection of buildings with hinged ventilated facades.

Without membranes, the energy efficiency of buildings during operation will constantly decrease.

It is known that a building loses more than 40% of its heat through a wall.

Membranes reduce heat loss by limiting wall air permeability.

It is known that without a windproof membrane,  the heat-shielding properties of a mineral insulation are reduced by four times.




In the pictures above mineral wool degradation is shown clearly By using thermal imaging technology it has been proved that without a membrane, mineral wool degradation inevitably occurs in short periods.


The windproof / Fire-resistant / Non-combustible membrane İZOLTEKS  NG 200  increases the durability of the insulation, preserves the heat-shielding properties of mineral wool.





Ideal fire safety facade systems:

  • When wearing the fibers of mineral wool insulation intended tobe protected from wind and moisture a contraversial situation occurs.

  • Now the facade systems consist entirely of non-combustible materials, which makes it possible to fully implement the requirements for building heat engineering.


Fire risks by ignition of a spark from welding are eliminated:

  • The use of ire resistant building membrane İZOLTEKS NG 200 eliminates the risk of damage
    and destruction of any coating material on the walls, including composite coating materials,
    not only during construction works, but also during the use of the building, as a result of accidental ignition.


High cost-effectiveness of installation and operation of the windproof membrane:

  • Due to the properties of high-strength fiberglass of which the windproof membrane İZOLTEKS NG 200 is made, membrane is not damaged during installation and prolonged exposure to the sun and wind, as well as from the actions of unqualified personnel;

  • Installation of fire protection diffusers is not required, which reduces overall costs and  increases the quality of ventilation in curtain walls.


Reducing the risk of heat loss from improper installation of insulation:

  • It is difficult to lay the rock wool without gaps it is also difficult not to damage the rock wool during installation.

  •  The windproof  İZOLTEKS NG 200 membrane will cover cracks and damage.


Temporary protection of facade insulation prior to cladding installation:

  •  Some people advise to protect the insulation with a temporary film to protect the rock wool from weathering during installation.  It is a risky advice   since the fires on the facades occur before the installation of the  cladding. Temporary protection of the facade with a windproof membrane İZOLTEKS NG 200  - it   is  also permanent.


The inorganic nature of the fiberglass determines the high resistance to fire:

  •  Fiberglass IZOLTEKS NG 200 does not support combustion, it is non inflammable and does
    not spread fire and does not emit toxic substances in case of fire.


Heat release at high temperatures is 100 times lower than similar items

  • The contribution of heat release from İZOLTEKS NG 200  in case of fire can be detected only on very sensitive devices: it is no more than 0.26 MJ / m².

         While the same indicator for materials based on polyethylene or other organic materials is not lower than 24 MJ/m², which is almost 100 times more of             İZOLTEKS   NG 200.


Fire safety  İZOLTEKS NG 200:

  • The use of İZOLTEKS NG 200 is of particular importance for high-rise and unique buildings, that reduces the threat to human life and risks from the spread of fire and damage to structures by fire, where material damage may be significant.


Reducing the risk of damage to the thermal insulation layer:

  • Facade membrane  İZOLTEKS NG 200 allows to carry out construction work at any time of the year, without risking to reduce or lose the quality of work performed on the installation of insulation;

  • Due to it`s high strength, resistance to ultraviolet radiation and frost, elasticity at extremely low temperatures, the İZOLTEKS  NG 200 membrane is able to protect the heat-insulating layer from climatic influences for a considerable period of time even before the facing is not yet installed.


 Life time of  İZOLTEKS NG 200:

  • When exposed to direct ultraviolet rays, it`s is at least 100 years while materials based on organic polymers recommended for use for such purposes have a similar indicator for  no more than 1 year.


Durability of  İZOLTEKS NG 200:

  • Exceeds the durability of other known materials several times.

Resistance to aging İZOLTEKS  NG 200:

  • Preserving of all properties at the original level, provides guaranteed protection of  thermal insulation of the facade during the entire operational service life of the building.


Other fire-fighting applications of  İZOLTEKS NG 200 membrane:

  • It can be use as fireproof curtains and screens;

  • ​Also as fire and smoke barriers.